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Overview of the Game’s Laws

Streetbol is a formal version of 4v4 soccer with its own set of rules and formats. There are two ways

Below is a quick glance at the game of streetbol. A complete “Laws of the Game” will be made available at a future date.

  • Pickup Format: This format is standard for the U8 and U9 age groups. Players do not play on a set team but are instead randomly assigned teammates for each and every match of the competition. Each player’s competition results will be recorded as an individual.
  • Team Format: Players compete on set teams, and their competition results are recorded as a team.
  • Streetbol is 4 v 4 players, and there are no goalkeepers.
  • The court is 24 x 15 meters, and the surface can be hard, grass, or turf.
  • Goals are 50 x 150 centimeters tall (19.7 x 59.1 inches).
  • A “low-bounce” futsal ball is used. The official ball for U8-U9 is 50 centimeters in circumference.
  • Matches begin with a face-off and are 8-10 minutes running time.
  • There is no offside.
  • Goals can be scored from anywhere on court.
  • All free kicks are direct.
  • All kick-ins, goal kicks, and corner kicks are indirect:
  • Kick-ins are taken from the touchline at the spot where the ball went out of play. Goalkicks are taken anywhere along the goal line. Goalkicks are taken on the goal- or touchline within 0.5 meters of the corner.
  • On restarts defenders must provide 2 meters of space and play must begin within four seconds of ball being set in place.
  1. Team format: players bring their own teams to the competition.
  2. Pickup format: players are randomly assigned teammates for each individual match and therefore play with multiple teammates in a competition. There are no substitutions in the pickup format.
  1. On all restarts defending players must provide 2 meters of space.
  2. Players cannot play the ball inside the crease if any part of the body other than the feet is touching the ground.